Can you burn calories by drinking ice water?

We analyze if it is possible to burn calories by drinking ice water. This is a myth that can be true, although it can also lead to certain negative consequences.

You may have heard, when talking with friends or talking to a gym partner, that you can you burn calories by drinking ice water. There are opinions that support this version and there are others that reject it, as well as an infinity of “scientific” reasons that we can listen to, but that have no basis or that seem very unreal.

The burning of calories when drinking ice water

Bottled mineral water

When drinking a glass of cold water, a total of 4 to 7 calories per glass would be burning , which would be equivalent to one piece of M & M’s chocolate . This is almost nothing, but many use it as a valid argument to justify the theory that cold water helps burn calories.

Drinking enough water is necessary for the body, for its proper functioning, but if you want to lose weight,  hydration  will be more than important. By drinking water you will be ensuring that your metabolism is in motion and at its highest performance . Another factor to consider is that cold water is more pleasant to the palate, that’s why it is preferred more than water at room temperature.

In addition, drinking cold water will give a small increase in energy, so it is advisable to have it on hand during exercise sessions  in the gym. In those people who exercise, when they drink cold water , the impact of metabolism is very positive because it allows to burn more calories during training , in addition to preventing dehydration.

The reason for this has an easy explanation, and is that the body needs to carry out a small energy consumption to heat the cold water to a level of room temperature. This is where the caloric expenditure occurs, which, however, is quite reduced.

Drinking ice water as a method to control food intakes


In addition to all this, there is another comment to keep in mind: if you drink water before eating, regardless of the temperature, you will feel satisfied faster and you will not eat in large quantities. Avoid drinking soda with gas or other sugary drinks.

A large glass of water helps you not to peck at any time of the day: breakfast, lunch or dinner. Indeed, people who drink a large glass of water half an hour before each meal can lose up to two kilos more than those who do not.

The problems of drinking ice water after exercising

Drink more water.

We all agree that it is important to stay wet during exercise by drinking lots of water before, during and after training. However, opinions differ on the temperature at which water should be, particularly with respect to some theories about frozen water ….

As noted above, some say that the system can burn calories through exercise after a drink ice water help you lose weight. On the other hand, the other not to drink of the ice water immediately after exercise, on account of the ice of the cold, secretions fill your stomach.

Possible damage to the nervous system

What is clear, which can lead to dehydration to a decrease in the levels of stress in the direction and increasing performance. In addition, it can also compromise the integrity of the blood brain obice-, preventing entry barrier diffusion mainly in the brain and blood is in their Revolutions compounds.

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These theories may assume that, although you can you burn calories by drinking ice water, the negative effects of drinking too cold water can outweigh the advantage of that small calorie burn .

A problem in the integrity of the blood-brain barrier can have far more serious consequences than the accumulation of those 10 or 15 calories that we would burn by taking one or two glasses of ice water after physical training.

In short, the best solution can be limited to drinking warm or fresh water, which can help us maintain proper hydration before, during and after physical exercise. Avoiding the consumption of ice water too often could give us more advantages than that small contribution to weight loss that involves drinking water at low temperatures.

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