7 problems with excess weight that have nothing to do with fast food or laziness

Do you have problems with excess weight even though you eat well and exercise ? Do you know someone who can not lose those extra kilos even if he really tries?

We tend to think that the extra kilos have to do with laziness, with eating a lot and with a bad lifestyle.

The reality is that it is not always like that. There are diseases, syndromes and all kinds of medical problems that have overweight as a side effect .

Before despairing or criticizing that person, think that we could talk about a serious medical situation.

Here are some of these problems. Check them and talk with your doctor to rule them out.

1. Hypothyroidism

Many of the most common problems with excess weight have to do with thyroid malfunction or hypothyroidism . What happens with this situation is that the thyroid does not secrete the hormones in the correct amounts.

Because these hormones are vital to regulate your metabolism, you will begin to increase your weight because the body slows down .

The good news is that it is a controllable problem, although you will need to go through several medical studies and have a strict lifestyle.

In addition, you must maintain a constant communication with the specialist to make the corresponding changes as required.

2. Diabetes

People who live with diabetes and need to inject insulin may experience problems with excess weight. This results in a complex situation because you will feel the need to lose weight to control your glucose and enter a circle of weight gain and loss.

  • If you experience this problem, it is important that you detect if the excess weight is due to insulin or food .
  • You can ask your doctor to try pills to see if the situation is solved, but take into account that, depending on your type of diabetes and organism, this may not be enough.

3. Treatments with steroids

Corticosteroids, as they are called steroids , are chemicals that help control diseases such as asthma and arthritis. The problem is that, when using them for long periods of time, you will present problems with excess weight.

Also, once you have raised those extra pounds, it is very difficult to return to your ideal weight. This is because steroids will make you feel hungry all the time because of the changes they make in the brain .

One option is to create a feeding plan and follow it to the letter. We recommend you take learning about healthy eating seriously. In this way, if you get hungry you can make healthy choices.

4. Cushing’s syndrome

Although Cushing ‘s syndrome is very rare, it causes problems with excess weight and it is important to know about it. This syndrome is the result of a tumor that usually appears on the face, chest and stomach.

  • The weight gain is due to the fact that the treatment of this medical problem is usually based on steroids.

5. Stress and depression

We will all have moments of sadness, anxiety, depression and stress. This means that problems with excess weight are always latent if your lifestyle is intense .

In this case, it is common to find that some people use food as a mechanism to release their emotions. If it is your case, it is important that you become aware of it and learn techniques to combat the problem.

Try to perform activities that relax you, such as:

  • Exercise
  • Have a hobby that distracts you
  • Go out with friends and talk with them
  • Take a bath
  • Read

6. Fluid retention

Another problem with excess weight has to do with fluid retention . The accumulation of weight in this case has to do with the liquids that remain accumulated in your body.

Fighting this problem requires certain changes in your lifestyle but they are easy to apply in practice.

Some of them are:

  • Avoid staying in the same position for several hours.
  • Reduce your salt intake
  • Include an exercise session in your daily routine.
  • Check that your hormone levels are in their normal numbers.


7. Polycystic ovarian syndrome

The last physical condition that causes problems with excess weight is typical of women. The polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) directly affects the reproductive system and causes:

  • Problems getting pregnant, or during pregnancy.
  • Irregular periods.
  • Hair loss.
  • Excessive weight gain

To combat this problem it is necessary that you go with a gynecologist and that you follow the treatment to the letter.

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