Try these natural home remedies for tinnitus

Tinnitus usually appears in the vast majority of people. The ear one of the most sensitive parts of our body, so we must be very attentive to the problems that may arise.

We depend on this organ for a good balance and the transition of sounds to the brain. Here you will find homemade natural remedies, easy and effective, for tinnitus.

Tinnitus, also known as tinnitus, is an alteration of the nervous system that causes an individual to perceive sounds without there being or existing an external stimulus that causes it. Only the person who suffers or is affected perceives them.

It occurs without stimulating the cochlea from the outside, from which it follows that it is a dysfunction of the inner ear.

Everyone can suffer tinnitus, regardless of age or sex. 8% of the population is affected by this disease .

How tinnitus is caused

Generally this pathology occurs unilaterally when it affects only one ear, or bilaterally when it affects both, rarely fluctuating.

Tinnitus or tinnitus can be perceived in different ways. In the case of simple noises , they could also be classified as severe or acute, severe middle ear and severe inner ear.

In case of complex noise, they can be similar to common noises such as:

  • Buzzing
  • Beep
  • Bells
  • Clink
  • Hisses
  • Sounds of the sea
  • A television without signal

Finally, we can perceive tinnitus as pulsating sounds, in unison with the heartbeat. In this case, tinnitus appears as clicks, palpitations and even beating.


Types of tinnitus


They are real sounds, with a mechanical origin , born from the same ear or around them. In this type it is usually easy to identify what causes them.

It is generally described as vibratory and may be due to different causes. In these cases, it is tinnitus of pulsatile type that is synchronized with the pulse.



They are the ones that occur most frequently. In general, they are not vibratory or have a mechanical origin .

It is often said that they are motivated by an excitation or nerve conduction produced from any point of the ear to the auditory cortex .

Use these natural home remedies for tinnitus

Before seeing what are the remedies for tinnitus, it can be noted that the tinnitus of the ear does not have a specific cure given its diversity of causes. That is why it is important to find out what is the trigger of the buzzing.

The following remedies can help you fight several of the causes of tinnitus:

Ginkgo biloba

The ginkgo biloba is one of the most common, known and effective in treating tinnitus remedies. Its anti-inflammatory properties are very beneficial to improve blood circulation which can beneficially influence the functioning of the ear.


  • 2 tablespoons of ginkgo biloba (30 mg)

How is it used?

  • You can take between 20 and 30 mg daily of ginkgo biloba, 3 times a day.
  • This treatment should be followed for 6 weeks, between 3 to 4 daily doses, in order to see results.

Garlic and sesame oil

The anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties of garlic will help to reduce inflammation and fight against any infection that may appear in the ear.

It will also allow you to alleviate the buzz that is caused by changes in height .


  • 1 garlic
  • 1 tablespoon of sesame oil (15 g)

How is it used?

  • The option is to sauté two cloves of garlic, previously crushed, with a spoon of sesame oil.
  • Then, with the help of a dropper, we will place 2 or 3 drops of this mixture inside the affected ear.
  • Repeat 2 to 3 times a day until you see improvement.


Apple vinager

Its antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties can help us fight any kind of inflammation that may be contributing to the appearance of the buzzing sounds.

In addition, the apple cider vinegar can help maintain the level of alkalinity in the body , allowing the body to be healthier and so to function correctly.


  • 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (15 ml)
  • 2 tablespoons of honey (50 g)
  • 1 cup of water (250 ml)

How is it used?

  • Combine the three ingredients and drink the mixture two or three times a day, until you notice an improvement in the buzzing.

Last considerations

Remember to ask a specialist before trying any alternative or natural medicine. You can try the remedies and consume them daily, but always depending on the ailment or problem you have.

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