7 psychological benefits of physical exercise

7 psychological benefits of physical exercise :-With physical exercise, cerebral blood flow increases and oxygenation improves, which improves cognitive activity and delays possible deterioration associated with age.

Most people join the gym or start doing some exercise to improve their physical appearance. But … what if we told you that physical exercise is also good for your mind ?

Today we will discover some of the psychological benefits that physical exercise can bring you.

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Physical exercise is healthy for your mind

Yes, even if you do not believe doing physical exercise can have some benefits such as improving your memory , de-stress, free yourself from anxiety or favor better learning.

However, there are many more benefits unknown, or not so much, that physical exercise can provide.

Today we will address only 7 of these benefits, although we know that many more can be added.

Would you add any? If so, share with us which one or which ones deserve to expand this list.

1. It makes you happier

When we perform physical exercise we release endorphins that allow us to feel euphoric and full of happiness. This is why physical exercise is highly recommended for those who suffer from depression.

Likewise, if you have problems with stress or anxiety , exercise can help you release the tension that exhausts both your body and your mind. In this way, you can relax, sleep better and be much more productive in your daily life.

2. Improves self-esteem

Exercising will allow you to look better and eat much healthier . This will be an injection of self-esteem that will make you value much more.

If you have problems accepting yourself, exercise! It will help you to look better and feel better. In addition, this will cause you to project the best version of yourself to others.

3. Improve your social relationships

Having a better perception of yourself, feeling happy and at ease, valuing yourself, will help your social relationships improve. As you will have greater self-confidence this will make you reach others in a deeper and easier way.

In addition, you will encourage yourself to participate in guided activities, group sports or engage in conversation with an unknown person just because you feel good and sociable.

This will make you feel very good and very positive.

4. Prevents cognitive deterioration

If you are concerned about degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, you should know that physical exercise can help you prevent them.

That is why, between the ages between 25 and 45, you should take advantage of practicing regularly . In the future, you will appreciate it.

5. Help control addictions

If you have any addiction to any drugs, alcohol, tobacco or others, you should know that physical exercise can help you control them and, in some cases, even eliminate them completely.


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How do you do this?

The addiction has a lot to do with the hormone of dopamine , a hormone that is also released when we exercise. That is why it is tremendously effective in the case of controlling an addiction.

6. Improve your memory

Exercise increases the production of hippocampal cells that are responsible for memory and learning. Thanks to this, your memory improves allowing you to learn or remember things in a much more effective way.

The sedentary life is nothing positive for your memory .

7. You will be much more productive

We can believe that physical exercise can make us much more tired and that, as a consequence, we perform worse in our work or in the activities that we have to perform.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Exercising will allow you to have much more energy because, even if you do not believe it, it will allow you to stay active throughout the day. In this way, you will avoid moments of slump and lack of attention at work.

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Do you lead a sedentary life? Do you exercise regularly? These are just some of the benefits that physical exercise can provide.

If you feel bad, if you are not productive, think about whether exercising can improve all this. Sometimes, something as simple as moving can be the solution to many of our problems .

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