Natural bad breath remedies for dogs

Natural bad breath remedies for dogs is really good for dog’s health.

Surely as an owner you have already noticed that the dog’s breath, on occasion, is not entirely pleasant. However, there are people who do not mind that the mouth of your dog has a strong smell, still with the same affection or kisses as always. But halitosis or bad breath can be the result of the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth of our dog, which is the beginning of the digestive tract, so it can be dangerous for him.

In this article by Insta Home Remedies we want to recommend some natural bad breath remedies for dogs , so that not everything is excessive expenses in dental cleaning or products that may end up damaging the health of our animal.

Bottled or tap water?

Why, if we take care not to drink tap water ourselves, do we offer it to our pets? Dogs should drink plenty of water to maintain proper functioning of their bodies and avoid toxic waste in their mouths. How we are in charge of maintaining your health in proper conditions this will be an aspect that we must take care of, offering them quality water and in the correct quantities , so that all their systems work correctly.

Food can help

While it is true that some quality feed helps to clean the teeth of our dog, the fact is that many others worsen oral hygiene, causing the buildup of tartar on their teeth. Our choice is reflected a lot in the mouth of our dog.

Sometimes, changing the diet , suspending the feed and opting for a homemade diet or a raw diet ( BARF ) will achieve great changes. We must be aware that this change will be very healthy for him, but that he must be guided by a specialist so as not to create nutritional deficiencies in the can.

With a natural diet and as healthy as possible, avoiding processed foods for humans and choosing good ingredients, we will improve the breath of our dog. In addition, the inclusion of raw bones in the diet, are an excellent source of calcium and a great help to combat halitosis in dogs, as it drags food remains that are between the teeth and, by gnawing them, will act as a sandpaper for their grinders. They will also make it very happy.

Natural bad breath remedies for dogs


1. Parsley

The effects of parsley against bad breath are really incredible and within the reach of any owner. We can cut a few pieces and mix them with the usual food of our dog. If the taste is very strong or little “disguised” with the commercial feed, we have other options: we can boil a handful of parsley in hot water, creating an infusion, and with it we can make a spray to spray the mouth of our dog after the brushing or, directly, offer this infusion to drink.┬áThis is very good and helpful natural bad breath remedies for dogs.


2. Apple cider vinegar

It has a strong neutralizing effect against odor, so we can include a few drops of this vinegar in your food or drink every day. We should start with small amounts to get used to it and not reject it. The smaller the dog when we start, the more habituated to the flavor it will be. And you can also use this natural bad breath remedies for dogs.

3. Food can help

We do not necessarily have to be good cooks or buy cookies for the halitosis of our animal. You can offer carrot as a toy and help prevent the formation of plaque on their teeth. In addition, it is very healthy for their food.

It will be something similar to what happens with raw bones, but we can offer it as long as our dog is hungry, as it just gets fat and is full of vitamins. The bigger and harder they are, the better. We can also use pear, apple or celery, and there are a lot of fruits and vegetables recommended for dogs .


Home dental hygiene

The dental hygiene of the dog is essential to avoid bad breath, and is that the commercial feed generates an accumulation of tartar in the denture, so it is an obligation for us to brush your teeth. Ideally, you should follow a hygiene routine every day but, if this is not possible, as often as possible. It is important to get used to it from a young age so that it is not an unpleasant situation for him.

We can use a toothbrush for humans, but also our own fingers to brush your teeth. In addition, mixing 1/2 tablespoon of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of water we will have a homemade toothpaste very effective and powerful, to which we can add parsley. Do not forget that there are many other recipes for making homemade toothpaste for dogs, this is just one option.

Do not forget to keep your feeder clean . It can help a lot, since it is a source of putrefaction when food remains in it. Between food and food, we must wash your bowl with safe products so that the food does not have remains of soaps or old foods, mixed with the saliva of our dog.

This article is merely informative, in we do not have the power to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or discomfort.

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